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Ball Joint Dust Covers

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Ball Joint Dust Covers

Postby AlanT » Fri Jan 10, 2014 11:57 am

After researching a few USA RV forums it seems a lot of RV's from 1996 to 2006 have been fitted with inferior dust covers on the ball joints and they split from a very early age.
From the start of 2012 split dust covers on ball joints is a fail on a class 4 mot but has not yet been implemented for HGV's.
Mine were split but the joints were good so I sourced some dust covers and just replaced them.
There are a couple of companies in the USA that make a range of universal polyurethane dust covers prothane.com and energysuspension.com.
My chassis is a Spartan Mountain Master with a Granning IFS1200 front axle and I found the energy suspension 13013 fit the top joints perfect.
The bottom joints were a challenge because they are so big they measured 90mm across so I found the dimensions of some CV joint covers and found the SAAB 95/96 (1966-1976) inner CV boot was a good fit for mine.

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