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Hi, Thank you for visiting us at the American RV Club. This is the only open forum run by a non-profit making club specifically for American motorhomes.

Please take a couple of minutes to register and choose an ID. It is completely free to join and you'll then be able to access a treasure trove of help and advice.

The American RV Club is often described as the friendly club and that's the watch word on the forum as well. Come on in, you're a friend we're waiting to meet.

Regards The committee

How to join the ARV Club

Find all the details you will need regarding joining the American Recreational Vehicle Club.

How to join the ARV Club

Postby The Forum itself » Thu Sep 10, 2009 12:55 pm

Hello and welcome to the ARV Club website.

We hope that you enjoy what you have found on this club website and would like to become more involved in our club. We are the American Recreational Vehicle Club and we call ourselves "the friendly club" because we are precisely that, a friendly club.

The ARV Club has been in existence for over 15 years, having been founded in 1993, so we have a good pedigree.

As a club we arrange several rallies, meets and show events throughout the year so that our members can get together and have a good time in an informal setting. Some of the venues are outstanding, sometimes the club is invited into places that no one else would be invited, sometimes we meet up on a field for a good chinwag, and as a club we have an annual AGM to which all members are invited. Whatever the occasion, there has been considerable effort put into ensuring that the people who attend have a really good time and this again sets our club apart.

The club also negotiates discount for our members from some of the suppliers who advertise in our magazine and on our website, we also have several very knowledgeable members who are always happy to help out and offer advice should you have questions or are experiencing difficulties with your RV or a part of it.

The current Membership Secretary is Margaret Martin and she is your first port of call when you decide to join the club. Margaret can be contacted by email at membership. Margaret@arvclub.co.uk and all the necessary details will then be provided to assist you in joining, a decision that you will not regret.

Please e-mail me( Margaret@arvclub.co.uk) for a membership application form.

We look forward to meeting and greeting new members and take the opportunity to make people feel welcome and included wherever we meet up.

Should you have any questions about the club, our activities or our members please feel free to contact Margaret,or any of the committee members or any of the admin team or staff on the website, we will all be happy to help.

We look forward to greeting you all soon

The committee
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